Our Services

Our Services

Supportive Housing for Greater Nashville

More than just shelter, a home is a place where families connect, friends gather and meals are shared. At Urban Housing Solutions, we believe having a place to call home changes everything, so we make it our daily mission to provide Nashville individuals and families with affordable housing, supportive services, and a strong sense of community.

Housing Services

Urban Housing Solutions is proud to serve Nashville’s unemployed, low-income and special needs communities, including:

  • Homeless individuals & families
  • College graduates & young professionals
  • Adults with intellectual & developmental disabilities
  • Deaf & hard-of-hearing community
  • Nashville’s workforce, including artists, musicians, public servants & service industry employees
  • Families with infants & young children
  • People living with HIV & AIDS
  • Individuals recovering from substance use disorders

Supportive Services

Solving Nashville’s affordability crisis takes a team, so Urban Housing Solutions allies with other nonprofits, federal and local government agencies, and volunteer organizations. In cooperation with our advocacy network, we go beyond housing to connect residents with transportation services, medical care, vocational support, and life-skills training.

Supportive services include, but are not limited to:

  • Service coordination: UHS service coordinators assess our residents’ needs and link them to required support services. They are also available to deal with crises and encourage residents to become healthy and independent.
  • Transportation assistance: UHS provides van drivers to take clients to and from appointments, physician visits, pharmacy pickups, grocery stores, and job interviews. Transitional van transport is also available to and from work until residents receive their first check.
  • The Clinic at Mercury Courts: Healthcare costs are a concern for many Nashvillians. UHS provides free primary medical care for all UHS residents, and the general public may utilize our clinic for a nominal fee.
  • Health fairs: In collaboration with our service partners, UHS offers health fairs to encourage a proactive wellness approach. Topics include diet, exercise, preventative care, and healthy living. Large health fairs take place every May and October at Mercury Courts, while smaller fairs are held at various UHS properties throughout the year.
  • Wrap-around services: Many Urban Housing Solutions’ residents have special needs. UHS service coordinators work with individuals and families to provide alcohol and drug recovery, employment assistance, life skills training, mental health care, and other specialized services. Advocacy partners and support service providers include Centerstone, Downtown Partnership, License Restoration Project, Meharry Community Wellness Center, Mending Hearts, Mental Health Cooperative, Nashville Cares, Oasis Center, Open Table, Park Center, Vanderbilt School of Nursing, and Welcome Home Ministries.

Join the Effort

Nashville has an urgent need for safe, low-income housing. Through our advocacy network and nonprofit partnerships, Urban Housing Solutions develops supportive housing that promotes a sense of security, dignity and well-being for residents. Collaboratively, we can revitalize communities, reduce child poverty and create stable families.

Over the next five years, UHS has plans to develop 1,000+ additional apartment units for Nashville’s low-income, underemployed, homeless and special needs communities, and we invite you to partner with us! UHS apartments are self-sustaining, so 100% of donations are used for new housing and supportive programs.

To inquire about housing availability, become an Urban Housing Solutions’ resident or view our properties call 615.726.2696.


“This place is a stepping stone, and I’ve been stepping up.”

Stephen, Nashville, TN

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“I count my blessings every day that I found Urban Housing Solutions.”

Libby, Nashville, TN